Fun and Bizarre Facts About Idaho

Fun facts about Idaho


Treefort Music Fest: An Unforgettable Experience

As an native Idahoan, I’m ashamed to say that I attended Treefort Music Fest for the first time this year. I constantly heard about the festival and experienced it vicariously through photos my friends posted during previous years, but I was never in town to actually attend. Now that I’m back in Boise, Idaho, I … Continue reading Treefort Music Fest: An Unforgettable Experience

Summer in Boise, Idaho

I have been missing the mountains, so I’m reliving my time in Boise, Idaho through this video: As you can see from the comments, some people felt like they had to bring politics into the mix. It’s annoying, but hey, its YouTube and it’s expected. The thumbnail picture is indeed in Idaho contrary to the … Continue reading Summer in Boise, Idaho