I can’t tell you how long I sat at my desk staring at the blinking text cursor to type this up. Writing about oneself has to be the most dreadful things in the history of all things dreadful. Not necessarily because there’s nothing to write, but it’s like “oh I have to write about myself and what I can bring to the table…” No pressure right?

Anyway, my name is Sarahi – yes with an ‘i’ at the end. It’s pronounced Sah-rah-ee. My parents were kind of assholes. Kidding (but not really). Some people call me Sarahi others Sarah – I really don’t care which one as long as you’re calling me for a beer. I was born and raised in Idaho and grew up in a tiny town where ~980 people reside – so yes, I’ve always had a true quench for traveling the world.

I have always been a writer if you will; I excelled in Language and Writing all throughout my education – I would always tone this down for some reason. You see, my parents expected me to be a doctor or a lawyer, which I think is pretty common. I took it as a challenge to prove to them I could do it, but time and time again I found myself becoming disappointed. Instead, I’d turn to writing and allowing my imagination to run wild. I’d get so lost in my work; I would lose track of time; I would experience flow.

There was no flashing neon sign, no angels singing hallelujah – just a simple realization that this is what I was passionate about. This is what I wanted my blood, sweat, and tears to go toward.

A few reality checks and many tears later, here I am doing what I love! Was it worth the trial and error, the arguments, and the storming outs? Absolutely.

Exploring Germany!

Besides writing, I’ve always enjoyed traveling and history. Now, I’m not going to be writing long and monotonous blog posts about history, no. My goal is to creatively implement bits of history into my writing. I aim to inspire, educate and encourage individuals to learn about their surroundings – wherever they may travel to. I would rather skip the frivolous act of photo-taking just for the sake of posting it on social media and instead, embrace my surroundings. My long term goal is to build a community where we can inspire each other to live our best lives by exploring the world.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can get inspired and learn a fact or two while you’re here!


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