Treefort Music Fest: An Unforgettable Experience

As an native Idahoan, I’m ashamed to say that I attended Treefort Music Fest for the first time this year. I constantly heard about the festival and experienced it vicariously through photos my friends posted during previous years, but I was never in town to actually attend.

Now that I’m back in Boise, Idaho, I was able to immerse myself in this 5-day experience. As a media photographer, I thought I was prepared to go all in and see everything.

Boy, was I wrong…

With over 400+ musical acts and endless Forts I was so overwhelmed in the BEST way possible. I couldn’t keep up with my schedule as I wanted to attend and see everything. Have short attention span? You’ll be in heaven. There aren’t enough hours in the day…

One of my favorite experiences at the festival was Alefort – by far some of the best beer I have ever tasted. This year, we even got to see beer being canned live all while learning about the process that goes behind making the beer. It was FRESH AF. Walk around the fort for a few minutes and I guarantee you will make new friends like I did.

beer from “Can it & Crack it” station
new friends!

While attending other events, I learned more about the people and mission behind the festival. Did you know that the Treefort Music Fest is the only festival to have B Corp status? That means they’re very considerate on how the festival impacts people, workers, the environment, and the economy. Co-founder and producer of Treefort Music Fest, Lori Shandro Oüten, elaborates further on being Certified B Corp here.

reusable steel cups for Alefort

As Treefort Music Fest was starting to wrap up, I felt a feeling I could only describe as exhausted fulfillment. If you’re an introvert like me, you know 5 days is an absurd amount of time to be around crowds. BUT, I felt energized despite attending the festival every day.

If you’re planning to attend Treefort Music Fest 2020, learn from me and:

  • take a jacket (you know, because the possibility of it raining in the Spring is pretty high – just a hunch)
  • drink A LOT of water, especially if you attend Alefort
  • purchase your tickets in advance – early bird tickets sell out freakishly fast FYI
  • bring chapstick
  • download the Treefort app to stay organized and share your schedule with your friends (I lost my friends countless times, but made many new friends so it was a win-win)
  • get around by walking or riding a bike – it’s free and you’re helping the environment!
  • look up the artists that arae performing on Spotify and create a playlist to hold you off while you wait for Treefort 2020
  • plan to request time off work…if for some reason they deny your request, quit. it’s worth it, trust me.

Communities came together, creatives expressed themselves, bands performed music they loved, individuals told their stories, hangovers were cured with H20 and yoga, people danced…there was something for everyone.

As the TMF tagline says, “Treefort is for everyone.” I’m ready for Treefort Music Fest 2020! Are you?

local artists came together to get people excited for Treefort

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