Top Trending Travel Destinations For 2019

Where should your next travel adventure take place this year? I examined a few reports to compile this list of travel destinations (trending year over year). TrekkSoft released a Travel Trends Report for 2018; Kayak analyzed a little more than a billion travel searches over the year; American Express Travel released a report that was based on booking data; Expedia released insights on cities that saw an increase of visitors based on flight data. Thanks to these reports, I was able to research these beautiful places and fantasize about visiting each one. I listed a few things these locations are known for as well – not by any means comprehensive. Get ready to drool over the breathtaking photos.

The Western Kingdom: Morocco

Expedia: 40% increase in searches for Marrakech

What it’s known for:

The Aloha State: Hawai’i”

KAYAK: 36% increase in searches for Maui

What it’s known for:

FYI: Southwest is planning on providing flight services to Hawai’i”! They’re by far my favorite airline and I cannot wait to get on board! 😉


KAYAK: 73% increase in searches for Ciudad de México aka Mexico City

What it’s known for:

The Land of Blue Dragon: Vietnam

KAYAK: 49% increase in searches for Ho Chi Minh City

What it’s known for:

The Emerald of the Equator: Indonesia

KAYAK: 65% in searches for Bali

What it’s known for:

L’hexagone: France

KAYAK: 41% increase in searches for The City of Lights – Paris

What it’s known for:

The Bahamas

KAYAK: 45% increase in searches

What it’s known for:


Expedia: 40% increases in searches for Barcelona

What it’s known for:

FYI travel sponsors – I know someone just in case anyone wants a travel enthusiast that will write down and photograph everything.

If you could choose any one of these locations to visit, which would it be and why? Let me know in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “Top Trending Travel Destinations For 2019

  1. Just beautiful! You have me itching to get away now. I would love to see either Bali or Barcelona. I went to the Bahamas for my honeymoon and didn’t want to leave.


  2. Beautiful pictures and looks like you had a really great time there. I have never had experience of a camel ride so now I have to visit this place.


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