Taylor Swift: let’s write music together

One of my dreams is to have a creative writing session with Taylor Swift. Check out this song excerpt I wrote a few minutes ago (I got super inspired at an airport I’ve been at for over 12 hours, lol):

You did a double take / you did a double take

Innocent glance but you had to give it a second chance/ those lingering seconds made the difference

I couldn’t help but meet your eyes / ooo I don’t think I’ll ever see you again

I was a gate 11 you were boarding on 10 / but those lingering seconds – they sunk in / in another lifetime we’d be at the bar drinking whiskey and gin

you’re on your destination / I’m flying at three / maybe one day we’ll cross paths again

Taylor, if you ever read this, this is a SUPER rough draft. But I’m full of words, energy, and heartbreak so I’d love to share ideas with you 🙂

Help me fly this to Taylor by sharing! ✈️


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